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GTI Letter

Bottom line, we found that the M2G had 10% and 17% reductions in gas use for a simulated year in a school and hotel respectively, you may freely quote these results and being in a forthcoming published paper.

M2G Energy Analysis Report - IRS

The M2G boiler optimization control unit was installed at the IRS building located at 4800 Buford Highway in Chamblee, Georgia. The building is 328,000 sq. ft. in size and makes use of two Weil-McLain boilers, each with a capacity of 6 MBtu/hr (the second Weil-McLain is only used for emergencies and an M2G was not installed on the second boiler).

Texas A&M Energy Systems Laboratory Validation

At the conclusion of the 30 day test period, I received the test data from the pilot locations and have verified the energy savings of the M2G. The M2G boiler sequencing controller produced an average savings in natural gas of approximately 21% over the pilot period and demonstrated a via-ble energy saving technology for the school district.

M2G Energy Analysis Report - Bell Helicopter

A year-over-year analysis of the building’s natural gas consumption was performed to determine the energy savings generated by the M2G using the building’s actual billing data.

USC Year Over Year Overview

The results found in the table below show that the three buildings averaged a 13.1% energy savings with a return on investment of two years.

Carolinas Healthcare M2G Review

An energy savings baseline was established using the energy savings for all four locations and resulted in a average energy savings at CHC for the M2G of a 12.2%.

M2G Pilot Study Report Porter Laboratory

Expected annual energy savings are 18.1%. The M2G should provide additional savings by lowering boiler maintenance costs due to the decrease in wear resulting from the reduction of boiler fires.

M2G Pilot Study Report Yahoo! Inc.

The boiler met demand with less energy consumed, lower carbon emissions, and with no effect on building comfort levels as evidenced by measured temperature and confirmed with tenant reports (or lack thereof). Expected annual energy savings are estimated to be near 16.2% for Building D. The M2G should also provide additional savings by lowering boiler maintenance costs due to the decrease in wear resulting from the reduction in boiler firings.


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