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LAX Airport Increases Passenger Health

LAX takes a proactive approach to providing better air quality for millions of travelers; boosts HVAC efficiency and reduces energy consumption using UV-C energy. Move has potential to save $180,000 annually.

Community College Combats Infection with Ultraviolet Upper Air Technology

As the winter months approach each year, the threat of cold and flu lingers in the back of everyone’s mind. Nowhere is this truer than at schools and universities, where thousands of students, faculty, and staff congregate, bringing their germs with them.

FMJ Upper Air UVC Benefits for Facilities

As the threat of measles and other infectious diseases continue making headlines, building and facility managers are searching for ways to reduce the threat posed by contagious airborne pathogens.

Germicidal Technologies Can Reduce Hospital Airborne Pathogens

UV-C energy can fortify hospital defenses against infectious diseases by reducing their concentrations without increasing their resistance to medicines.

Commercial Building Illuminates the Advantages of UV Lighting

Ultraviolet-C technology transforms HVAC system performance, yielding a 47 percent increase in airflow, 90-day payback period and cleaner, healthier air for commercial tenants.

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