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Air Force & Auburn University Study

During my career spanning over 50 years as an Airman and as a Surgeon, I have studied how we can best prepare our society to deal with emerging disasters, both man made and natural. The President has declared a war against a hidden, invisible enemy that has now reached our homeland.


Boston Globe UV-C Germicidal Article

Discussions about building ventilation, if they occur at all, tend to revolve around stuffy offices or frigid conference rooms. But as workers tentatively head back to their offices and communities debate whether and how to reopen schools, a new concern has arisen: Could ventilation systems harbor and spread lethal Coronavirus?

Harvard Medical School UV-C Germicidal Article

An April 2, 2020, expert consultation from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy concluded that available studies are consistent with the potential aerosol spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-COVID-2), not only through coughing and sneezing, but by normal breathing.

Report Addresses UV Technology in Fighting Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many managers in institutional and commercial buildings for a loop. They have had to curtail or cease operations, close partially or entirely, and take steps to clean and sanitize entryways, restrooms and work-spaces to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus -- all in the space of a few days, in many cases.

Visualization shows droplets from one cough on an airplane infecting large number of passengers, researchers say

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought air travel to an unprecedented standstill -- wreaking all sorts of havoc and putting countless jobs at risk -- but a new visualization is unlikely to make people eager to fly the friendly skies again soon.



ASHRAE: Keeping air-conditioners on can help control the spread of COVID-19


Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning filters, along with other strategies, help to reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, while removing other air contaminants that may have health effects.

Commercial real estate must do more than merely adapt to coronavirus

COVID-19 is a humanitarian challenge that will have lasting effects on how people live, work, and play. By acting today, real estate leaders can best serve end users and ensure their own viability.

DHS's Bill Bryan on What Kills the Virus On Surfaces

DHS's Bill Bryan speaks at the coronavirus task force briefing at the White House on Thursday.

Immediate Release – Sustain Charlotte Announces Partnerships

CNBC – Press Release

U.S. Department of Energy is confirming Greffen Systems’ M2G intelligent boiler control produces significant savings for heating buildings using hydronic boilers. The DOE’s “Building America Case Study,” which installed and monitored Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) aftermarket controllers in Chicago.

“The Department of Energy’s validation means government affirmation of a key tool for saving money,” said Frank Salensky, Greffen Systems’ CEO. “For those Chief Sustainability Officers and Energy Managers of industrial and commercial buildings who are seeking the next tier of proven solutions, the M2G is an exciting new tool.”

Dow Jones & Company – Market Watch – Press Release

Greffen Systems reports the return on investment for the M2G can generally be seen within 6 to 24 months. “But savings extend beyond the fuel bill,” noted Salensky. “A boiler’s life is increased significantly because of the more effective control and subsequent reduced firing.”

Reuters – Press Release

The M2G has been installed and tested by companies, and governmental and educational institutions including Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Bell Helicopter, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Yahoo!, Texas A & M University, and Detroit Edison. In Europe, the M2G has been installed at over 5,000 sites by companies including the Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyd’s TSB, and Britain’s National Health Service, among others.

Bloomberg – Press Release

Greffen Systems’ M2G is a small, easily-installed ALM controller that requires no calibration, works with existing building management control systems and significantly reduces energy consumption by minimizing boiler firing during periods of low heating load. The M2G’s microprocessor “learns” from the temperature change of the primary heating loop to detect real building heating requirements and dynamically manages the boiler to save energy during low-load conditions.

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