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Greffen has been serving

the HVAC industry for

over twelve years.


Full Service UV-C Lighting

For Infectious  Disease

Control & Coil Cleaning


M2G Industry Leading

Cycling Controller

Proven Savings of 10%-15%+

Greffen Systems has been providing innovative technologies for the HVAC industry in both the public and private sectors since 2008.  Greffen is your full-service M2G Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) Boiler Controller and UV-C germicidal light vendor. Greffen offers design, project management, installation, testing and ongoing support for our products.

Greffen’s M2G Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) Boiler Controller has become a best practice technology for companies and organizations across the United States. With energy savings and carbon emission savings of 10%-25% and a reduction in cycling of over 50%, Greffen has become the leader in boiler cycling control. There is nothing like the M2G in the marketplace and it has been verified by a number of organizations including the Department of Energy, The Gas Technology Institute, Texas A&M Energy Systems Laboratory.

Greffen UV-C Germicidal Lamps:  

Greffen offers a wide range of UV-C Germicidal lamp technologies including upper-air units as well as in-duct UV-C lighting. All of the technology offered by Greffen is the same 253.7 nm technology that has been well proven for years to sterilize hospital operating rooms


Greffen’s Upper-Air wall mounted fixtures offer a proven solution that will kill viruses and pathogens as they rise in the room from both ventilation as well as convection of the natural heat plumes from the occupants in the room.  These units are mounted at approximately seven feet in the room and offer unique pathogen killing performance while totally protecting the safety of the inhabitants.

In-Duct UV-C solutions are unique in their ability to kill viruses in one-half of a second as they pass by germicidal lights. While UV-C’s effect on COVID-19 has not been studied yet, there have been numerous studies that show that 253.7nm UV-C solutions are extremely effective in killing varieties of coronaviruses such as SARS and MERS. Based on the information available from authorities, coronaviruses can be transmitted via both air and direct contact. It can be assumed that the virus can be ingested into the return air-plenum and be moved throughout the organization’s air handling units and the building’s duct work.  


Energy Savings: Greffen’s UV-C solutions also offer tremendous energy savings by cost-effectively eliminating 90% or more of the organic growth to significantly improve airflow and heat-exchange efficiency. This dramatically reduces the pressure needed for the fan to produce the required CFMs per the air handling unit’s design specifications. This continuous coil cleaning assists in keeping the entire HVAC in balance produces a tremendous ROI of often under two years.

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